Looking for volunteers for a statistical tracking project

credit Scott Eidler (NY City Lens)

written by – Rangers Report

We have started a short-term statistical tracking project that hopes to collect data in order to match skill-sets to offensive systems employed by teams in the Scottish Premiership.

In order to get this done by the end of the season, we are looking for volunteers to help with the data collection.  The time commitment is flexible & would be dependent on how much you’re willing to give.

The idea to reach out for help is rooted in a couple of projects that have been completed in the analytics world of the National Hockey League.  The most prominent study was led by Ryan Stimson who organized a team of at least thirteen volunteers to track passing data in NHL games.

The data we will be asking volunteers to track will not be from live matches & will not be as time intensive as tracking passing.

This project is designed to look at plays that have already occurred in hopes of quantifying some of the results.

The plan is also to make this project very user-friendly, where a lot can be done in a limited amount of time.

If you are interested please reach out via Twitter @TheGersReport or send us an email — therangersreport@gmail.com


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