Where did Rangers key passes originate against Motherwell?

written by – Rangers Report    cover photo courtesy of RFC

I’ve had a (short) summer to prepare some new twists when it comes to collecting data for Rangers matches.  One, that is already pretty common in the ‘analytics world,’ is to track where key passes originate.

Key passes, or shot assists, are the final passes to a teammate who gets off a shot.  It’s probably a much better measure of a player’s production then assists, since whether the teammate scores or not is kinda out of the hands of the passer.

I’ve created a shot location system that was inspired by one used Claus Moller Henriksen.  I have changed some of the location numbers for the purpose of another statistic I’m working on (that may be revealed soon).  The tradeoff is that the exact location of the key pass won’t be honed in on left side or right side but will still show if a pass originated from the flank, centrally, in the box, etc.

Here’s my shot location system (forgive me for the crude graphics…it’s not a strength):

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 3.24.57 PM

The zones go from left to right towards the goal that the offense is targeting.   Each number is centralized in a zone of  two or two & half columns of grass.  The edges of the penalty box differentiate between the center of the pitch & the flanks.

Against Motherwell, Rangers had 15 key passes that led to shots.  The other five shots were either unassisted or from a direct free kick.

The results:

47% of the key passes came from Zone 17 (in the penalty area, these were usually passes to a more central/more dangerous area)

20% came from Zone 13 (these passes tend to separate the boys from the men – getting the ball into the penalty box from inside the final third)

11% came from Zone 19 (one was Wallace to Forrester who was in Zone 17, the other was Waghorn to Miller in the heart of the box)

7% came Zone 15

7% came from Zone 22

7% came from Zone 12

It’s only one match but as the season goes on this will could be an excellent tool to measure not only trends in the team’s play, but also which players are regularly making the dangerous passes .

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