Statistical breakdown of Rangers victory over Stranraer

written by – Rangers Report    cover photo courtesy of RFC

Expected Goals: Rangers 3.4   Stranraer 0.1


xG Ratio:  97%

Total Shots Ratio:  93%

Shots on target ratio:  100%

Scoring Chance Ratio:  100%

Shooting %:  0.300

Shot Accuracy:  0.400

Between the penalty & the second goal, all four of Rangers unblocked shots were on target. After the second goal, they had 14 unblocked shots & ten of them were off target.  Probably doesn’t mean much…

image copy

  • 46% of shots came from outside the box (39% for season)
  • 17% were medium danger shots, shots in the penalty box but to either side of the goal (25% for season)
  • 21% were high danger shots, kicked (23%)
  • 13% were very high danger shots, kicked (7%)
  • 4% were high dangers headed shots (2%)
  • 0% were very high danger headed shots (4%)
Joey Barton, courtesy of RFC

Entries into the Final Third

image copy 2

Link to the data

As you can see in the first half, Stranraer went a good 20 minutes without an entry into the final third.  Going into the half, Rangers had 85% of the entries.  From the second half to the third goal, Rangers had 73%.  After going up 3-0 until the time of the subs Rangers had 60%.  After the subs entered the game until the end of the game:  77%.  You could make the loose conclusion, that once going up 3-0 the team’s clinical dominance dipped but the infusion of the three subs reset that dominance.  

81% of controlled entries into the final third led to a positive result but this game featured Rangers’ lowest controlled rate of entries of the season.  Only 64% of total entries were controlled.  However, in three of the four games the controlled rate of entries ranges from 64% to 69%.  The only outlier was when we had an 80% controlled rate of entries against Annan.


Against Motherwell, Rangers had a positive result on 27% of Non-Controlled Entries (which is pretty much consistent to games from last season).  

Against weaker opponents, it was easier to turn these Non-Controlled Entries into positive results – but you can see that rate is trending down.  

They did generate four shots on NCE against Stranraer but also generated twelve & earned a penalty on Controlled Zone Entries.  For the season, Rangers  have created a shot on 21% of controlled entries & 12% of NCE.  CZE have led to a positive results 77% of the time & only 36% on NCE.

Driving Possession into Final third v Stranraer

Rossiter & Dodoo had the same data, that’s why you can’t see Rossiter on this graph.

Defensively, the most noticeable data is that 0% of Stranraer’s central entries were controlled;  29% of their entries into the final third were central but each time they were forced into a Non-Controlled Entry (the Joey Barton/Jordan Rossiter effect?)

Stranraer had seven non-controlled entries against Wallace & Wilson…none of them led to a positive result.  Stranraer’s best route was against Tavernier & Kiernan – but it was on only eight combined entries on the left side (two controlled & six non-controlled).  Those resulted in a positive result 50% of the time, including one shot.  

Harry Forrester, courtesy of RFC

Harry Forrester had 0.79 Expected Assists & helped create two quality scoring chances.  Tavernier & Barton had the next highest xA (0.50 & 0.25).

The Opta scorer didn’t give an assist to Waghorn on Kranjcar’s goal, but he clearly got a toe on the ball that deflects to Kranjcar.

Shots & Key Passes v Stranraer

Waghorn & Forrester combined for 18 shots & key passes (the pass that leads to a shot).

Forrester now averages 6.19 shots + key passes per 90, Waghorn averages 8.7.


Player Expected Goals Expected Assists Expected Goal Contribution
Martyn Waghorn 1.05 0.20 1.25
Harry Forrester 0.31 0.79 1.10
James Tavernier 0.11 0.50 0.61
Kenny Miller 0.53 0.00 0.53
Niko Kranjcar 0.11 0.18 0.29
Andy Halliday 0.05 0.21 0.26
Joey Barton 0.00 0.25 0.25
Rob Kiernan 0.00 0.21 0.21
Barrie McKay 0.14 0.05 0.19
Lee Wallace 0.09 0.05 0.14
Jordan Rossiter 0.00 0.05 0.05

Forrester now averages 0.79 xG+xA per 90 minutes, while Miller is averaging 0.85 goals per 90.  So despite Forrester having zero goals & zero assists – he is heavily involved in the chances Rangers are creating.  Miller now has 1.97 Expected Goals after four games, the goals will be there eventually.

courtesy of RFC


Player Key Passes Secondary Passes
Harry Forrester 4 1
Joey Barton 4 1
Niko Kranjcar 2 2
Martyn Waghorn 3 2
James Tavernier 2 0
Jordan Rossiter 0 3
Barrie McKay 1 1
Rob Kiernan 1 0
Andy Halliday 1 1
Lee Wallace 1 0
Joe Dodoo 0 1
Danny Wilson 0 1

Jordan Rossiter had the secondary shot creation pass on three straight shots.

I credited Kiernan with a key pass as he got a head on McKay’s corner into the box that ended up at the feet of Waghorn for a shot.

Five shots & one goal were generated following corner kicks.  For the season, Rangers have 13 shots from 47 corners (28%).

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 3.24.57 PM

  • 37% of Rangers key passes came from Zone 9
  • 16% from Zone 13
  • 16% from Zone 15
  • 11% from Zone 17
  • 5% from Zone 6
  • 5% from Zone 12
  • 5% from Zone 19
  • 5% from Zone 22

Stranraer had one key pass & it came from Zone 9

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