Moving on…

written by – Rangers Report    cover photo courtesy of Gavin 665

The stats I looked at were that Wes played out 87 per cent of the time yesterday and we got started in their half 77 per cent of the time from that. These are big numbers. Against St Mirren, it was 74 and 88 respectively. It lets us keep the ball in their half. If our keeper launches the ball and it’s a 50/ 50 battle, that’s not for us.  Mark Warburton, August 2015 (The Scotsman)

Words can’t explain how mind blown I was that the new manager of the team I have supported all of my life was using statistics that I had tracked to justify the system of play he was implementing…it was surreal.

I learned so much watching Rangers play with the enhanced lens of tracking games for certain statistics.  Having tangible statistical results is the norm in most football leagues but a novelty item for the most part in Scottish football.  I hope you have enjoyed the outlet that I tried to provide.

However, it is with mixed emotions that I must announce that I will no longer be running this site because I have been given the opportunity to be a consultant for another team in Scotland.  All of my time & energy, as it pertains to statistical collection & analysis, will be devoted to this new venture.

I want to thank David Weir & Neil McIlhargey for their support of my work last season.  Also, Snagsy & the whole We Welcome the Chase podcast crew for embracing the stats I was providing & helping get the word out about the blog.  Thank you Mike Driggs for being such a talented & insightful graphics wizard.  Some of your work transcends the accepted norm in the analytics community.

Obviously, the biggest thanks goes to all of you who have ever taken the time to read the blog.  There have been 1.3 million views since I started the site back in 2013.  Of course, most of those views took place before I turned this into an analytics blog…but hey, those “Ally must go” posts were amazing clickbait!

To those of you who stuck around, thanks for patiently slogging through some posts that were hits & some that were embarrassing misses.

All my best to all of you!  I will be cheering along with you as we march towards title 55!

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