Scottish Premiership Advanced Stats are NOW available

written by – Rangers Report   

The first week is in the books & it is time to officially release the results from my latest project.  This season I plan on publishing in-depth statistics for every player, from every Scottish Premiership team.

This link will take you to a sortable table of stats.  I recommend bookmarking it so you can waste tons of time at work this season.

A couple of notes:

  • Players are sorted by teams & there are empty rows for a reason (that reason is to make my life easier as the season goes on)
  • I still haven’t done the Aberdeen v Hamilton match. That will come in the next 24 hours.  Scroll past Aberdeen to see the rest of the league.
  • There are probably around 100+ columns of data so keep moving across the page to see all the data
  • Team totals for all of the stats are at the bottom of the club’s section of data

As you are looking at the variety of statistics:  use this GLOSSARY until you have gotten used to what the different stats mean

You can sort any category of stats by

  • Putting the cursor at the top of column where the letter(s) are located
  • Right Click to get the whole column highlighted
  • Click ‘Sort Sheet Z → A” to sort from highest to lowest (the opposite to see the lowest to highest)
  • You may see “Team Totals” but simply scroll down to the first players listed.
  • I recommend hitting Control Z to get back to the original listings

Some examples of the statistics that will be published include:

  • Shots & shot locations
  • Shooting percentages
  • Key Passes, Secondary Shot Assists, & Establishing Passes
  • Expected Goals & Expected Assists
  • xG Chain
  • My own OSCR rating which measures the extent players contribute offensively to their team’s chances of winning
  • Fenwick adjusted stats
  • Scoring Chances
  • Free kick shooting stats
  • and more

Each team’s Expected Goals totals are also located on a separate page that is tabbed on the bottom.

The Plan:

The stats will be made available for FREE until September 7th.  After that a one-time fee of £15 will be required to get access to the data.  If circumstances change at any point & if I am unable to finish compiling the stats for the entire season than the money will be reimbursed.




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