In-depth Scottish Premiership stats available (info on the subscription plan)

written by – Rangers Report  

Followers of this site know that this season I’m trying something different, & possible revolutionary, when it comes to making in-depth statistics available from the Scottish Premiership.  A database has been made available for free since the outset of the season & beginning this weekend, updated stats will only be available for a one-time fee of £15.

UPDATED Point of Clarification:  

The blog will continue to be free of charge & I will continue to write posts using the data I’ve collected.  The database of stats will be made available for the paid subscription.

To see an example of what will be available here are a few useful links:

How to subscribe?

  • The one-time fee of £15 needs to be sent via Paypal.  (Note the British Paypal is linked given that is the where most of my readers live).
  • Read here to learn how safe transactions are on Paypal.
  • Send the payment, via Paypal, to
  • Once the payment is received, you will be emailed a link to the database (along with a folder of game-sheets for the season).
  • Make sure to check the email you have linked to Paypal within 48 hours to make sure the links have been emailed to you
  • If you live in America, the cost is $20.  If you are paying using Euros, the cost is €16.  Paying using Canadian dollars?  The cost will be $24.  Contact me if paying using any other currency.

Analytics in Scottish football has come a long way in the past couple of seasons as more & more people are getting interested in applying objective analysis to the game.  The biggest challenge has always been gaining access to the actual data beyond the standard goals & assists.

The goal of this project is to provide that data so more & more people can get involved & generate new ideas of how to use the stats – which in turn adds new layers of insight to what’s happening on the pitch.

Given how big of a project is, explains my rationale for the one-time fee to gain access the data.

If you use the data publicly, please remember to credit

If circumstances change at any point & if I am unable to finish compiling the stats for the entire season than the money will be reimbursed.


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