This blog is dedicated to one of the most interesting and narrowly focused topics in football – statistical analysis. Numbers and mathematics surround people throughout life, but few people fully realize it. Join the ranks of the chosen ones and gain access to knowledge hidden from most ordinary members of the crowd. Ready? Let’s get going!

Who Am I?

I am a professional analyst who has worked in the field for more than five years. During my practice, I have managed to help several major football clubs in my native Scotland to make the right personnel decisions and bring the team’s efficiency to the next level.

In the blog, you may learn better about how to read the information coming in correctly and what it can give you in the long run. After all, for many, football is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and even a job. And any money-making job requires some skillful skills.

My goal is to present complicated and confusing statistics in simple terms. So that even the average person encountering this field for the first time should immediately understand what we are talking about. Popularizing mathematics in sports and life must have a dramatic effect on everything from everyday things to major projects.

You yourself will be surprised at how dramatically things change around you when you look at them from a statistical and calculating point of view.

I would also like to pay tribute to my favorite club, Rangers, which I have followed since my early childhood. For many years I rejoiced at their victories and grieved at their defeats. I have already worked with representatives of the company as an advisor and would like to do better. Therefore, the blog has a lot of news and reviews on the life of the team and the major events.

It should be noted that I am constantly supported in the creation of the project by a team of fellow thinkers from around the world. I am eternally grateful to them for all their help and I may introduce readers to them at the first opportunity.

What Is Football Analysis?

I’ve already pointed out above that numbers are all around us. Especially such skills help recruiters at sports clubs to find interesting talent and raw diamonds amidst a sea of dust. Applying basic principles makes the process faster and more accurate. And management can easily prove the need to buy a particular athlete.

Analytics also helps gamblers in making their near future predictions. Thanks to the many patterns that I have been telling about for years, they can make profitable investments based on logical models. This brings both more fun and more money.

Fans who are as obsessed with sports as I am will be just as interested in learning more about the life of their favorite football club and the principles of the sport in general. Some people who have spent many years around fans do not know how the recruiting system and the inner kitchen of the big clubs work. You will read about all this on the site!

Is It not Boring?

I can responsibly say that statistical analysis is very boring. Many people can’t stand it and stop doing it in the first weeks. But on the site, I decide what the content will be. And the plan is to make your stay here as pleasant and as long as possible.

Therefore, you will not find boring scientific texts, only interesting reviews, and explanations for each obscure figure. I sincerely want each of my readers to find their own application of the knowledge shown in the blog and to implement mathematics and statistics into their daily lives. With this approach, analysis cannot be boring!

I look forward to your reactions to the news and recent reviews. Share them with your friends and leave your comments! Good luck!