Statistical Analysis of Scotland’s Top Forwards

Processing large amounts of information allow you to see what is close to others. Fans, analysts, and gamblers will be curious to see how statistics help you find the best and most promising forward in the entire SPFL. It’s easier than it looks, but the process is not obvious to the average person.

Often recruiters and columnists overlook players from underperforming teams, leaving them out of the spotlight. But that’s a mistake. This season, Ross County is one of the last on the list. But that’s only true if you look at the cold circles. In reality, their stats are largely superior to the league favorites.

If they can tighten up their defense and reduce the number of shots on goal, they will be a competitive club with great prospects. This is accomplished by the good performances of the individual players.

Alex Schalk, who was unable to take the field in most games, showed excellent technique and overtook the forwards from other clubs. He can rightfully be considered one of Scotland’s best forwards, despite being shunned by recruiters and observers.

Moving on to more established athletes, it’s even simpler. The more prolific forwards play for Celtics and Old Firm clubs or have already left the country and are on other teams. They include Chris Boyd, Adam Rooney, Morelos, and Curtis Maine.

Even more, information appears when analyzing past seasons and career dynamics. Here Alex Schalk again comes out on top. By the way, this year the young player will be able to move to a new team. What do you think?

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