Interesting Football Analyst Work Experience

It comes as a surprise to many to realize the need for math and statistics in a field as far removed from numbers as soccer. But recruiters and club management need to know the basic information and be able to interpret it intelligently. This is where soccer analysts come to the rescue, whose main task is to mathematically prove the correctness of a particular decision.

For five years I have had time to carry out a comprehensive analysis of more than one club, including the team I supported in my childhood. Together with a company of like-minded people, we created the entire Modern Fitba project, which has been successfully operating for several years.

In addition, the owners of such popular Scottish clubs as Rangers and Livingston have turned to me for help. In the format of external consulting, I have helped to make a number of correct decisions, which significantly increased the productivity of the teams.

One of the biggest achievements was the Scottish Premier League’s database of player statistics. Thanks to it I was able to systematize a lot of disparate knowledge and effectively use the magic of statistics to make personnel decisions.
I am grateful to all people, who supported me and I also wish to help newcomers who are interested in acquiring a new profession.

To become a soccer analyst you need a technical mind and you need to be prepared to work with a lot of numbers. But once you overcome the first challenges, everything is in your hands. Good luck!

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