A Portfolio in Scottish Football Analytics

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This is an archive of five years worth of work that models how advanced stats & analytics can play a key role in the decision making process clubs face on a regular basis.

Link to portfolio

Five years! In that time I’ve had the opportunity to provide analysis for the club I’ve supported all of my life & the unique experience of consulting a small, progressive club desperate to avoid life in Scotland’s League One. Then, was able to be part of a great team of likeminded individuals that took a throw away idea & turned it into Modern Fitba. A lot of people have supported my work & kept me going over the years…& I wanted to make sure I thank them.

  • 2015-16:  Used therangersreport.com as a platform to begin experimenting with advanced stats.  The same season I provided analysis for Rangers under the management of Mark Warburton & David Weir.
  • 2016-17:  Outsourced consultant for Livingston FC
  • 2017-18:  Created a shot based database for the Scottish Premiership
  • 2018-present:  Helped launch Modern Fitba
I’d like to thank the following people for their support & inspiration over the past five years. 
David Weir, Mark Warburton, Neil McIlhargey, Dougie Wright, Davie Martindale, David Hopkin, Marc Alexander, Mike Driggs, Jordan Campbell, Matt Rhein, Jamie Kilday, Christian Wulff, Seth Dobson, Stevie Grieve, Derek Gaston, Tom Worville, Danny Pugsley, Jonny McFarlane, Graeme Ellis, Sam Jackson, Jack Lyons, Benjamin Pugsley, Blades Analytics, Matt Cane, Ryan Stimson & everyone who has ever taken the time to read my work.

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