Forward Jon Daly Will Miss the Start of the League Season

The Scottish club Rangers shocked fans with the news of a knee tendon injury to one of their main roster players. Jon Daly, who according to many analysts and fans is the engine of the entire club, dropped out of the game for several weeks.

Today it is already known that the player has applied for surgery. Several years ago the athlete already suffered from a similar problem and then he was helped by the same doctor who helped him today. Doctors say that the recovery period will take no more than six weeks.

The management and coaching staff of the club also gave their comments. They state that Daly’s forced leave will affect the team’s performance, but they are willing to replace him with other members who arrived last month. Chris Boyd and Kenny Miller could take the field as early as the next game and try to turn the tide for the Rangers.

Coach McCoist sympathizes with the player and complains that such a workload was a mistake. The man should have been given a little more rest, considering his performance was already at an all-time high.

The fans and all clubmates wish the athlete to recover and return to the field as soon as possible because the team will not have the best time without him.

How much effect the absence of Jon Daly on the field fans will see very soon. Next weekend will be a match against Hearts, which will put everything in its place.

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