Regression in Goals and Prospects for the Scottish League

Regular analysis of the statistics shows many interesting patterns. They are particularly important for gamblers, recruiters, and soccer club management to understand. This will allow them to do their job many times better than before. But not everyone wants to do routine work. So next you will read about an interesting pattern that you should use in your daily work.

If a soccer player scores a lot more goals than his average percentage all the time. Then in all likelihood, his efficiency will drop significantly in the next year. It’s hard to explain why this is the case. But the numbers show a high percentage of the rule working out.

Look at Scott Sinclair, whose success rate dropped from 64% to 24% in just one year. A similar situation can be seen in the actions of other Celtics soccer players. Dembele showed a 12% drop, Armstrong, a more than 30% drop, and Roberts went from a 43% success rate to 0.

The information shows that no matter how overwhelming success is, it is frequently followed by a painful decline. Celtics management is one of the few who understands this trend. That would explain why they took Odson Eduard on loan this soccer season.

New names are popping up on the favorites’ rosters, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

A similar situation is happening with the Rangers. Morelos and Windass have shown excellent form for several seasons in a row. That doesn’t mean they ought to replace them, as the men are actively training. But can they compete with the newcomers?

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