American Soccer Has Lost Its Leader

Many will confirm that Carlos Bocanegra is the face of the USA’s soccer. During his long career, he did a lot and managed to give fans unforgettable emotions. But, time passes, and legends pass away. Let’s spend Carlos with dignity and remember what he was remembered by the whole world.

It is worth noting that Carlos’ level of play is at the highest level. And until now it is rare for anyone to be able to handle the ball and the team with such skill. That’s why he became the first native of the United States, who was appointed captain of one of the teams of the English league.

He also commanded the U.S. national team at the World Cup for six consecutive years. In 2009, he lived up to his title and managed to defeat Spain. This inspiring victory lifted the athlete’s image to the sky! It is also worth remembering that in his foremost season he was head of the Rangers team. Thanks to his competent work with his teammates and coaches, the team proved to be excellent.

A picture of a young Carlos drinking a beer with President Clinton of the United States after winning the match against Algeria also went viral on the Internet. This is the highest praise not everyone can receive.

The reason for leaving office was the athlete’s own desire. At the time of his retirement, he was 35 years old, which is already a solid age for an experienced soccer player. The concussion, after which the athlete was hospitalized for a long time, played its part.

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